A calendar for space travel

The scheduling tool to help you stay organized on Earth & beyond. With multi-device sync, including those on spacecraft, you'll never miss a meeting or important event no matter where you are in the galaxy.

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Features for every need

Calendar Daily Digest feature, showing three sample event types

Daily Digest

Confusion is over. Daily Digest makes your calendar easy to use so you know exactly what's next.

Calendar app showing AI assistant feature with a sync point and time shift

AI Assistant

No writing required, AI will take care of your rescheduling messages.

Calendar Checker feature, showing three sample calendar event types


Checker will find & resolve every conflict whatever orbit you're on.

Calendar Calculator feature, showing today's meetings in the Calendar interface


No more math for you. Temporal field, orbital radiation and numbers, Calculator does it all.

Calendar Time Zoner feature, showing temporal field adjustments in the Calendar interface

Time Zoner

You'd expect Calculator & Checker to do this. This is another feature.

Calendar Connector feature, showing two events needing rescheduling


No more socialization required. Connectors finds and books the people you need to meet.

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